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Your search for peace
may well end here…

Peace: there are thousands of names for it – ‘Sama’ is ours, a simple word derived from ancient Sanskrit. And from the first moment you step into our world, you will feel it, sense it, and know that you have come home to peace.

If you’re looking for the best beach resort in Sri Lanka to rest your being, at Sama Retreats  you’ll find that perfect balance of nature and nurture. Here in our quiet cove where the ocean whispers to the trees; amidst our serene spaces where new thoughts meet old stories, you can set your mind free, let your body renew and your soul find inner healing. While sharing the value of human sustainability, we also embrace the upbeat vibrancy of beach life and communal spirit. Here, you can gather memories with other peace seekers, make lasting soul connections and find joyful balance in togetherness.

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Sama Retreats Way of Living

To embrace wholesome wellbeing and healing from within. To rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself, while forging bonds of connectedness with a community of like-minded souls. This is the very essence of life at the Sama Retreats.

Surprised beyond belief to discover such a beautiful retreat. The large trees provide privacy and the footpath to the beach is serendipity.


A Pure, Simple Life – Revived and Reimagined.

In times past, the fisher folk found refuge here; made their humble homes on the rocky outcrop above the sea. Their boats sought shelter in the little cove below. As the years moved on, so did they – and nature reclaimed her rights.

Today, we revere that simple serenity in recreating Sama Retreats. Resembling village houses, our dwellings are built on their foundations – some, over a hundred years old. Keeping with sustainable design practices they seamlessly incorporate recycled, reused or natural materials and repurposed wood. The must-have luxuries of today, are blended in – understated.

We have left the land with all its tangles and trees much the same. The creatures thrive, undisturbed. The natural ecosystem here is unique, with many endemic plants, and we protect them with care. At Sama Retreats – we nurture all beings, you included.


Sanctuaries of Comfort
by the Sea

A squirrel peeps at you, a butterfly floats past, the birds chirp, a monkey calls and the ocean roars, then whispers – nature’s disturbances that somehow fill you with peace as you sit in your quiet veranda surrounded by trees, here at Sama Retreats.

Our 5 cottages that offer 12 rooms are created to be little hideaways of comfort in a simple, natural way. They are designed with care to bring you the best of both worlds: a humble village ambience with 21st-century requisites. Each one has a story to tell, one that inspired its character. Whether you take a winding path or climb rocky steps to reach yours, it will be your refuge from the world. When you open its doors, you can shut away the stresses of life and focus on regaining it. You have come to Sama Retreats in search of rest, and in our dwellings a sense of wellbeing will embrace you in welcome.

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The purpose of this retreat is to give you the tools and the space to bring balance and beauty back into your life through feminine embodiment practices.